Mission: Defy the Traditional

When our clients first come to Defy, they often comment that we don’t look like a “typical physiotherapy clinic”. Our space is large, open, and outfitted with a turf area and equipment like a rig (for weight lifting), kettlebells, and a Shuttle MVP Pro (to name a few).

We designed our space with our mission in mind:  to defy the traditional, and provide motivated individuals with our integrated approach of physiotherapy, fitness, and performance training. We aim to empower all clients to move and perform at their highest level- in sport, in fitness, in health, and in life.  We believe that being an athlete is a mindset and a way of life; everyone has the potential to be an athlete.

We wanted the space, equipment, and time to feel confident helping our clients first out to decrease pain, and then into their chosen activity or sport. We know that exercise compliance at home varies, and we place a big importance on clients doing their exercises in the clinic. Not only for compliance, but seeing exercises performed gives us the ability to correct, modify, and progress in order to keep clients moving to the next level. We’re able to tailor exercise programs to the individual, so that they are working on improvements from day one.

We especially love the sense of community that our set-up allows. Clients see other clients working through an injury, and whether similar or different injuries, there is a sense of camaraderie that we are all working toward common goals.

Part of our mission is to change how healthcare is viewed. We know that preventative care is the best option, and we are in a position as experienced healthcare professionals and movement specialists to find issues before they creep up. Healthcare shouldn’t be a passive process. When clients are active participants in the process, it creates lasting changes that can continue for a lifetime.

Stay tuned as we kick off our blog with rotating entries from our awesome staff.

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