Athletic Therapy


Athletic Therapists are healthcare professionals who are trained in the prevention, assessment/recognition, and management of orthopedic (bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons) injuries. Athletic therapy is covered by many insurance plans.


We are trained in the management of orthopedic injuries from the incident all the way to return to sport. We are specialized in sport injuries. By seeing an Athletic Therapist you can guarantee that we will be getting you moving and working within your capacity at each stage of the healing process to ensure a smooth and quick return.

Athletic therapy on a man's shins.


Athletic Therapists are best known for their sideline presence in professional sports. With our background training in emergency response, it is our job to ensure that all athletes on the field are provided with the best-care possible in the event of an injury.

None of us want to imagine a serious emergency happening during sport, but unfortunately this CAN and DOES happen. You might recall the gruesome leg injury that happened last December to a young OHL goalie. The immediate response of the Athletic Therapist and medical staff saved this young boy’s life. The reality is that these kinds of injuries don’t happen often, but when they do they require highly trained professionals to manage these injuries properly. Having an Athletic Therapist on your sideline gives you the piece of mind. When a serious injury/emergency occurs, it will be handled with the best care possible.

Minor injuries are something that happens all the time in sport. These injuries may not absolutely NEED a professional to care for the injury right away, but there are some benefits to this. We can immediately evaluate your injury and direct you to the most appropriate line of care. Sometimes this means being sent to the hospital for a fracture. Or sometimes it’s some home care advice and a referral to your preferred rehabilitation specialists.