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Outdoor Exercise in the Winter: Survival Guide!


Outdoor Exercise in the Winter: Survival Guide! Between the snow covered ground and the cold temperatures, many people head indoors to exercise over the winter months (or perhaps go into hibernation!). But why not get outside and take in some fresh air, sunshine and vitamin D?! Here are some tips for keeping your cardio workouts [...]

Outdoor Exercise in the Winter: Survival Guide!2019-02-26T13:24:09+00:00

Naturopathic Care for an Elite Hockey Player


Hi, I’m Doctor Graeme and I’m our Nutritional Coach and Naturopath at Defy. Today I wanted to share with you a case study of the type of work a Naturopath does at Defy Sports Performance. Since joining the clinic, I have been bringing a whole new element to the practice that truly makes it a [...]

Naturopathic Care for an Elite Hockey Player2018-12-21T16:50:55+00:00

Movember at Defy


Movember at Defy Welcome to Canadian Winter November.  For many, November marks the countdown to December holidays and for others the start of Movember a month filled with Lip Sweaters-a-plenty.  I, like many men have participated before and will participate again but recognize that the message and purpose of Movember has changed since its inception [...]

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Remember to Run FAST


Remember to Run FAST I was recently teaching at the Running Works in Guelph and had some great discussion around pre-race nutrition.  At the talk we talked about the key nutritional principles surrounding race day. We talked about what your body is looking for, what can help us succeed and how to ensure we have [...]

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You’ve Torn Your ACL. Now What?  


You’ve Torn Your ACL. Now What?   ACL injury has been a highly researched and discussed topic for years in the rehab world. Studies have looked at predisposing factors, rehabilitation protocols, length of time before return to sport, and much more. As a female who spent countless hours on the soccer field, I have a [...]

You’ve Torn Your ACL. Now What?  2018-10-25T02:45:51+00:00

My 4 Favourite Hip Stretches


My 4 Favourite Hip Stretches When it comes to stretching I like to think critically about the actions of the joint in question and what big (or little) muscles are playing vital roles in those actions. When we talk about the hip here are my 4 favourite hip stretches. They all target different musculature and [...]

My 4 Favourite Hip Stretches2018-10-17T20:57:18+00:00

Acute vs Chronic Workload


Acute vs Chronic Workload Manage your training load and frequency properly and there is high probability you won’t miss that next workout.   We work with runners, strength based athletes (powerlifters, olympic lifters, crossfitters) and  team sport athletes on a daily basis. One of the common themes we see in regards to causative factors for [...]

Acute vs Chronic Workload2018-10-05T21:04:40+00:00



Should You Be Able To Touch Your Toes? YES, YES, and YES!  And to be clear, I’m not talking about sitting cross-legged on the floor and touching your toes, I’m talking about touching your toes from a standing position with your knees straight. Yes, I said it: knees straight! Some find it comical when I [...]

SHOULD YOU BE ABLE TO TOUCH YOUR TOES?!2018-09-20T15:29:20+00:00