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Are you a former competitive athlete?  Those of us who competed in high level sports when we were younger are often left with a bit of a void in adulthood. There’s running, cycling, intramurals or even CrossFit. But whatever activity you choose, there are often disconnects between what our minds

ACL injury has been a highly researched and discussed topic for years in the rehab world. Studies have looked at predisposing factors, rehabilitation protocols, length of time before return to sport, and much more. As a female who spent countless hours on the soccer field, I have a special interest

If you have ever spent any time with toddlers or young children, you will in no way question that kids are squatting champions! They can sit in a deep squat position while zooming cars around a track or caring for their doll. Then, without a bat of their eye, they

When it comes to stretching I like to think critically about the actions of the joint in question and what big (or little) muscles are playing vital roles in those actions. When we talk about the hip here are my 4 favourite hip stretches. They all target different musculature and