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Pregnancy is a time when the body is going through significant physical changes, often accompanied by a plethora of emotional and life role changes as well (Mother is a loaded title!). General exercise guidelines still apply during pregnancy – moderate intensity cardio for lung and heart health 30 minutes, 5

Do you have feelings of heaviness or pressure in the vagina? Do you feel like there is a tampon too low in the vagina – but you have no tampon in? Do you feel like things move downward or ‘fall out’ when you lift? Maybe these sensations go away when

Have you ever leaked with skipping, running or jumping jacks?  What about with sneezing, coughing or laughing? Bladder leaking with increased abdominal pressure or with activities is called stress urinary incontinence. You might relate with Sally’s case. She’s in her late 30s and has two children, one via vaginal birth

Are you a former competitive athlete?  Those of us who competed in high level sports when we were younger are often left with a bit of a void in adulthood. There’s running, cycling, intramurals or even CrossFit. But whatever activity you choose, there are often disconnects between what our minds

Female Athlete Month This month we are focusing on the female athlete. Females have different needs when it comes to training and performance compared to our male counterparts. Knowing these differences ensures we set females up for success through the whole spectrum of ages. On social media, we have looked

Happy National Golf Month! The golf courses have been open since stage 2 came into play, which had from the pro to beginners out booking Tee times. This month we’re offering a closer look at what special services one of our Physiotherapists offers, for not only golfers but other athletes.