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Have you ever leaked with skipping, running or jumping jacks?  What about with sneezing, coughing or laughing? Bladder leaking with increased abdominal pressure or with activities is called stress urinary incontinence. You might relate with Sally’s case. She’s in her late 30s and has two children, one via vaginal birth

ACL injury has been a highly researched and discussed topic for years in the rehab world. Studies have looked at predisposing factors, rehabilitation protocols, length of time before return to sport, and much more. As a female who spent countless hours on the soccer field, I have a special interest

Manage your training load and frequency properly and there is high probability you won’t miss that next workout.   We work with runners, strength based athletes (powerlifters, olympic lifters, crossfitters) and  team sport athletes on a daily basis.  One of the common themes we see in regards to causative factors for