Movember at Defy

Movember at Defy Welcome to Canadian Winter November.  For many, November marks the countdown to December holidays and for others the start of Movember a month filled with Lip Sweaters-a-plenty.  I, like many men have participated before and will participate [...]

Remember to Run FAST

Remember to Run FAST I was recently teaching at the Running Works in Guelph and had some great discussion around pre-race nutrition.  At the talk we talked about the key nutritional principles surrounding race day. We talked about what your [...]

Acute vs Chronic Workload

Acute vs Chronic Workload Manage your training load and frequency properly and there is high probability you won’t miss that next workout.   We work with runners, strength based athletes (powerlifters, olympic lifters, crossfitters) and  team sport athletes on a [...]

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