At DEFY Sports Performance & Physiotherapy, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of care for our clients, team, and community. If our values ring true with your own, we would love to speak with you. We are always excited to improve our team by adding talented individuals.

Our values include:

  • Providing a superior client experience from the first contact made
  • Being accountable and responsible
  • Bringing a positive, motivated attitude to the clinic every day
  • Empowering clients to take ownership of their own health; eliminating “fear-mongering”
  • Maintaining professionalism, while still having fun
  • Providing regular learning experiences as a staff to promote new ideas and consistency of ideas throughout our staff members
  • Engaging in continuous, frequent learning so we stay at the top of current research and practice
  • “Practicing what we preach” by staying active and participating in healthy lifestyles
  • Involvement in the community through volunteer activities and outreach

Please click the links below to find our career listings for the following positions: