Today I am going to be teaching you 4 simple at home assessments to  identify what may be holding you back from shooting lower scores this season. As a golfer myself, I have watched many different player’s swings. One of the most common problems I see is limited body rotation.
The Erg, or rowing machine, can be a great way to add cardio and strength training into your regular exercise routine. But how on earth do you use this crazy contraption? While I won’t try to turn you into Olympic rowers, or even get your out onto the water for
Whether you’re a powerlifter, weightlifter, or just a regular gym rat, you’re probably familiar with the feeling of frustration. Your performance in the gym seems to fluctuate week to week or session to session, seeming about as reliable as the 7-day weather forecast. Unfortunately, unpredictability is part and parcel to
Ankle mobility generally refers to the range of motion, or lack thereof, of the ankle joint. It is usually tested actively (the body performing its own movements) or passively (an outside force, such as a therapist, testing the movement on the test subject).  Two major ranges that are often tested
Between the snow covered ground and the cold temperatures, many people head indoors to exercise over the winter months (or perhaps go into hibernation!). But why not get outside and take in some fresh air, sunshine and vitamin D?! Here are some tips for keeping your cardio workouts outdoors in
ACL injury has been a highly researched and discussed topic for years in the rehab world. Studies have looked at predisposing factors, rehabilitation protocols, length of time before return to sport, and much more. As a female who spent countless hours on the soccer field, I have a special interest