If you have ever spent any time with toddlers or young children, you will in no way question that kids are squatting champions! They can sit in a deep squat position while zooming cars around a track or caring for their doll. Then, without a bat of their eye, they
When it comes to stretching I like to think critically about the actions of the joint in question and what big (or little) muscles are playing vital roles in those actions. When we talk about the hip here are my 4 favourite hip stretches. They all target different musculature and
When our clients first come to Defy, they often comment that we don’t look like a “typical physiotherapy clinic”. Our space is large, open, and outfitted with a turf area and equipment like a rig (for weight lifting), kettlebells, and a Shuttle MVP Pro (to name a few). We designed
Manage your training load and frequency properly and there is high probability you won’t miss that next workout.   We work with runners, strength based athletes (powerlifters, olympic lifters, crossfitters) and  team sport athletes on a daily basis.  One of the common themes we see in regards to causative factors for