Titleist Performance Institute Golf Assessment
Brandon Bates, our physiotherapist is an avid golfer himself with a special interest in treating golfers. Brandon’s passion for playing golf has driven him to take advanced coursework related to golf movement and rehabilitation.  He has completed both Level 1 and Level 2 Medical courses from Titleist Performance Institute, the industry leader for educating golf professionals.
Brandon is passionate about helping golfers in the community reach their full potential. He enjoys the challenge of assessing a golfer’s physical limitations and analyzing how this will affect compensations in their swing. He creates an individualized plan for each golfer that will ultimately improve their game.

1. The assessment features a detailed movement screen that has been specifically designed to assess movement requirements for golf.

2. We will further breakdown your limitations joint by joint to create a individualized plan that is specific to the areas you need to work on the most.

3. We will go over how your current body biomechanics are affecting your swing and what exercises/ manual therapy can be done to improve compensations in your swing.

1. Video your golf swing from DTL (down the line) and FO (face on) views in slow motion.

2. Come prepared to move (wear athletic shorts and t-shirt).

3. Prior to your first appointment, please email Brandon including:

  • handiness
  • handicap (if you have one)
  • previous injuries
  • any current pain or discomfort
  • typical shot shape
  • typical miss
  • goals for golf (i.e. distance, consistency, lower handicap)
  • what you are currently working on in your swing (i.e. with golf coach or on the practice range)
  • how often you practice and play
Golf Assessment