Group Performance Training

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Small Group Training

  • Individualized performance programming in a small group environment.

  • 60 minute sessions for groups of 3-6 people with similar abilities, goals, and/or sport.

  • Each member will receive a comprehensive movement assessment and individualized programming will be created.

Defy Small Group Classes

  • 45 minute group class utilizing FRC principles, Trigger Point performance products and breathing techniques to learn to move your body optimally.
  • “The more control you have over your joints, the more control you have over your body. The more control you have over your body, the more control you have of your movements. The more control you have of your movements, the less likely the movements will falter. If your movements falter less, the less likely your chances of injury…” – Dr. Andreo Spina.
  • We will focus on a different area of the body each week.
  • Max class size: 10 participants.
  • 45 minute group class for runners looking to build strength, prevent injuries, and improve running power and efficiency.
  • Each movement and exercise programmed for the class will be based on the specific demands of running and can be advanced or regressed depending on individual abilities.
  • Max class size: 10 participants.

45 minute group class of high intensity intervals focusing on conditioning, strength training and power development.

Each class will be centered around the foundations of movement:

  • Squat variations
  • Hip hinges (deadlifts)
  • Lunging patterns
  • Vertical push/pull exercises (overhead press, pullup)
  • Horizontal push/pull exercises (bench press, rows)
  • Weighted Carries (farmer’s carry)
  • Rotational control (birdogs, chops)

Max class size: 10 participants.

  • Stop by to inquire or reach out to to get specific information and rates for your team.
  • We include individual movement screens for each member of your team as well as programming for mobility, strength, and power for the individual sport performance gains.
  • Session Length: 60-90 minutes depending on the age of participants

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