DEFY Group Training

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Defy Group Training Classes

“Group training focused on improving all areas of your fitness”

Ideal for: those who have been active before and have the knowledge of most exercises but want to participate in group training with supportive and knowledgeable instruction.

  • Weighted and unweighted exercises using various gym equipment such as: kettlebells and dumbbells, skipping ropes, rowing machines.
  • Classes will be programmed to include the following
    • Squat variations
    • Hip hinges (deadlifts)
    • Lunging patterns
    • Vertical push/pull exercises (overhead press, pullup)
    • Horizontal push/pull exercises (bench press, rows)
    • Weighted Carries (farmer’s carry)
    • Rotational control (birdogs, chops)

Max class size: 10 participants.

“Group training for those wishing to start with (or go back to) the basics of exercise”

Ideal for: those wishing to prevent/reduce the occurrence of injury, the more senior population, individuals with health conditions.

  • Focus on posture and muscle activation by creating body awareness and control through simply moving well.
  • Most exercises will be unweighted and focused on breaking down / learning better body mechanics while working out.

Max class size: 10 participants.

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