Head to Toes in 7 Minutes

By: Julie Brandon, PT

Hi, I’m Julie from Defy Sports Performance and Physiotherapy, and I’m here today to take you through a session of seven minutes mobility from head to toe. Maybe you’re still grinding out long hours at your desk at home in self isolation. Maybe you just got Amazon Prime yesterday and you’ve realized you’re already on episode ten of Jack Ryan. Whatever your motivation might be, it’s a great time to work on your mobility right now. So let’s get started, seven minutes here we go! 

We’re going to start with your neck circles – five in each direction. I want you to make the circles as big as you can without any major pinching or pain. If you feel any pain, back off the range of the circle a bit. When you’re done, don’t forget to go in the other direction. Now for some shoulder shrugs. Squeeze up as high as you can, shoulders to your ears, then squeeze them down.

Next up, some shoulder circles or shoulder CARs (controlled articular rotations). I want you to try and only move your shoulder, only that ball and socket joint, as we’re going through this. Everything else in your body should feel nice and stiff, creating some tension. Your arm goes up all the way, rotate as far as you can, then reach back behind you without turning your torso. And now reverse the direction. Palm facing out, reach back as far as you can. Rotate open, up and around. Speed is not necessary for this. Once you do five in each direction, switch arms! I’m saying we’re doing five of each – sometimes I lose count. You might do four, you might do six, really the more the better. Remember to go in both directions on this arm as well. Palm out, turn back, all the way around. Again, try not to turn that torso at all, it should be only your shoulder moving. Feel that blood flow going into the joints.

Now we’re going to move down to the body, same idea with the hips, we’re going to do some hip CARs (controlled articular rotations). If you can, challenge yourself to do it standing on one leg. If you need to, grab onto a wall or a sturdy chair. Lift one leg up as high as you can, bring it out to the side, rotate, squeeze back, and bring it down. Again, we’re going to create some tension everywhere else in your body. Your pelvis is staying nice and level, your torso is staying still, it’s only that ball and socket of the hip moving. Do five, then switch directions, still working on that same leg. Lift your leg up and over an imaginary hurdle as high as you can. You’ll feel your stance leg working too. After doing five in each direction, switch legs!

We’re going to take it down to a half kneeling position now. If you can, tuck your back toe under to work on your big toe mobility. Get your pelvis nice and level. We’re going to rotate, opening up through your spine, then bring your arms back together again. Try and look over that back hand as you reach it back behind you. Do five, then switch sides.

Let’s keep that spine moving, down to all fours for some cat and cow. Round your back up and arch, trying to get your chin right to your chest. Then lower your back down, looking up towards the ceiling. Trying to get all segments of your spine moving.

Now we’re going to go into our Spider Man lunge. We’ll bring one leg forwards up beside your hand. Straighten out that back leg. Lunge forwards, feel free to drop down onto your elbows if you can, and then hinge back. Try to push that back heel down to the ground. Remember to keep your back as flat as you can. Then switch legs!

Now we’ll open our legs out to the side, going into our four point position. One leg kicks out to the side. You’re going to sit back and then rock forwards again, trying to keep your back as flat as you can. You should almost feel like you’re trying to stick your butt up into the air. You’ll feel that stretch on the inside of your leg that’s sticking out. Remember to switch sides when you’re done.

Last but not least, we’ll finish it off with some ankle circles. Turning five in each direction. Again, we’re going to do the biggest circles you can. Remember to do both ankles, rotating them in both directions!

We did it! That’s a wrap, great job! Don’t forget that while our doors are shut at Defy right now, our computers are open so feel free to join us for some video rehab.