Hi, I’m Doctor Graeme and I’m our Nutritional Coach and Naturopath at Defy. Today I wanted to share with you a case study of the type of work a Naturopath does at Defy Sports Performance. Since joining the clinic, I have been bringing a whole new element to the practice that truly makes it a well-rounded clinic.

I help with pains and gains. I am well equipped to help with recovery from pain and also building strategies for improving whole health. I am a lifestyle liberator. I help people reinstate the pillars of their health. When people move well, eat well, sleep well, manage their stress well and build meaningful connections in their life, good health is just the side-effect.

Recently, I saw patient last week who had never seen a Naturopath, but knew his extended health benefits included this service and was curious what I could offer him. He was a young athlete looking to improve his performance and to take his game to the next level. While his main complaint was upper back pain, I soon discovered that this was much more than a simple case of pain. His posture was a piece, but by diving deeper I discovered that he has an

extensive background with concussion. That today, even minor collisions have to capacity to cause his whole neck to tighten and return his symptoms.

While treating the pain is helpful, Naturopaths are trained to look at the big picture and to find the root causes. I was able to build a comprehensive plan to help this young athlete reach his goals and to get the relief he desires. His plan starts with a solid foundation. I evaluated his current  supplements and helped him realize how he can best structure them for maximal benefit.

Our next step was to delve into his nutrition plan to evaluate if he is properly fueling his body and more importantly his mind. It was Hippocrates who said “All diseases begins in the gut” so with all patients and athletes I like to start here. A good diet means our athlete has better energy, can train harder and will recover faster. Clinical nutrition is very helpful in addressing concussions. With a history of concussions our patient needs extra support in the form of healthy fats called DHA and a good source of antioxidants. I recommended increasing his intake of fish oil and berries, especially blueberries (a.k.a brain berries).  By supplying a diverse and quality diet we give the body the best tools to work with.

Our next goal is to support his “inner” game and increase his focus and concentration. For this I use bio-feedback through an excellent program called Heart Math. This uses heart rate sensors to allow him to objectively tell when he is stressed. It allows him to train a proven way to get better control over his state of mind and build resilience for university and sport.

Lastly, we started cupping treatment for soft tissue care. With cupping we can increase circulation to areas of the body and help release trigger points to tackle pain.

Naturopaths are in the unique position to help with total body care. Whether you are working on sleeping a blissful 8 hours a night, trying to change body composition, to bring your game to the next level consider, or improve general health- consider adding a naturopath to your health team.

December is the perfect time to book in and to use your extended health benefits to get started on the path to better health before the New Year begins.

Yours in health,

Dr. Graeme Rowell, ND