Physiotherapy Clinic in Guelph

At Defy physio, we aim to empower all clients to move and perform at their highest level – in sport, in fitness, in health, and in life. We believe that being an athlete is a mindset and a way of life. Everyone has the potential to be an athlete. Our body was created to move. Our goal is to fully appreciate an individual’s goals, which means guiding him or her as an active participant in the process. At Defy, the work does not stop at “pain free”; this is where the real fun begins.

"I've never known anyone to achieve anything without overcoming adversity."


We firmly believe that everyone who walks in our door deserves respect; we give it and we expect it. We all have different backgrounds, preferences, beliefs, expectations and things that give us purpose and meaning. Part of our mission is honouring your journey and the privilege that we have to guide you through part of it! Because you receive 1-1 care at Defy and we use our open gym area for our sessions, we have lots of social interaction and it’s a great opportunity to witness each other’s successes!

No matter your fitness level, your injury, or your ability, your goals are important. We’ll work together to change your program as you progress to suit your lifestyle, goals and preferences so your program is challenging but achievable. We want you to feel empowered through your sessions, so you feel you have the confidence and support to make the changes needed to get to your game-face on!

Being hands-on means quality, face-to-face time with your therapist. At Defy, we do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach. After performing a thorough biomechanical assessment where we get to know you and how your body moves and feels, we will create an individualized program together that focuses on your goals. Our whole plan revolves around what YOU decide you want to achieve! We will guide you through specific exercise and mobility work with an attention to detail so you will move with understanding and purpose.

We pair manual therapy treatment with progressive loading (getting back into strengthening through your full range of motion) so you start moving with less pain, more ease and more power than before!

Decreasing pain is only the beginning of the process. At Defy, we have advanced training to be able to analyze how your body moves now, and to provide new movement options – yes, to decrease your pain and improve your comfort, but also to help you move with more ease, efficiency, strength and power in whatever activities you like to pursue! We’re here to help you through your pain and injury, and our goal is that you leave feeling better than you did before your need for rehab.

Whether you’re coming in because you have pain, you have an injury, or you’re noticing stiffness or weakness, your area of concern doesn’t work on its own. There’s a reason they say ‘the ankle bone’s connected to the leg bone’! For example, your ankle sprain requires a look at balance, your core, knee and hip strength in the longer term, as well as how to manage your pain and swelling in the short term. Not only that, but looking at how nutrition, sleep, stress, and how your injury impacts other aspects of your life will impact pain and healing. We keep all of these things in mind as you progress through your rehab and back into fitness, sport and life!

By continuing to learn and advance our skill sets, we are able to provide you with the best, most up-to-date principles on rehabilitation and performance.

We utilize evidence-based principles to guide our treatment and programs; the evidence is always changing and evolving, and so are we.

We are here to help you achieve your goals. We won’t hesitate to remind you that these are your goals, and they require your effort and hard work to achieve them. We think that you should be as invested and passionate about your recovery and performance as we are!

I defied my limitations
I defied my limitations
I defied my limitations


Our space has a full gym area complete with a rig for multiple squat and pull-up stations, an assortment of kettlebell, barbell and dumbbell weights, cardio equipment including a treadmill, True Runner, and AirDyne bike, and a turf area for speed and agility training.

defy inside the physiotherapy clinic
physiotherapy front desk
physiotherapy gym
Interior shot of the space, showcasing locker space.