running analysis & rehab

the running rehab team

About Justine

Justine enjoys working with recreational runners and triathletes. You will find her running mainly on trails. She recently completed a Spartan OCR Half Marathon. Justine is also passionate about biking (both road and mountain) which helps her understand the multi-sport demands of triathlon. She also dedicates time to CrossFit to complement her running and biking. 

About Matt

Sprinting and speed had always been the focus with running for Matt as a lacrosse player growing up. Recently he has turned his focus towards long distance running for both physical and mental health. While he prefers to be out on the trails, most of the time you will see him running the roads with a stroller these days. He also stays active with playing golf, hockey and strength training. Eventually he plans on completing a marathon but for now he wants to continually improve and run for enjoyment. 

About Julie

Julie started distance running in highschool where she competed in cross-country, including OFSAA championships. She loves 5-10km distances best and will pick outdoor running 99% of the time over the treadmill. Country roads and trail running are where you will most often find her (even though tripping on roots and ending up on the ground is a regular occurrence!). Running has been Julie’s #1 cross-training activity for cross-country ski racing and fitness over the years; she has had fun competing in 10km, half marathon, and obstacle course races.

how we help

The goal of rehab is to meet you, the athlete. We want to be fully educated on your injury and process, and to promote movement as healing. We will strengthen and build resilience in the affected areas, and take a whole body approach that is specific to your sport.

Our comprehensive running analysis is your chance to become a more efficient and resilient runner for life. Runners are injured at a high frequency with yearly injury rates as high as 70% in the literature. We are passionate about offering ways to curtail this trend.

Analysis PROCESS:

The DEFY Video Running Analysis involves taking our athletes through a thorough individualized movement screen and assessment, then analyzing running biomechanics and form on the treadmill using video feedback.

what to expect

  • Running and activity history including past training, injuries, and goals.
  • Running footwear analysis.
  • Joint-by-joint assessment of active and passive range of motion.
  • Comprehensive movement analysis to screen lower body mobility, strength, and power and trunk stability testing.
  • Real-Time video analysis on our treadmill at various running speeds, inclines, and footwear.
  • Review the analysis of your assessment.
  • Practice and receive one-on-one feedback on all aspects of your individualized program (will be created between the 1st and 2nd session).
  • Real-time video feedback while running on the treadmill to implement changes to your form to improve efficiency and biomechanics.

In order to monitor implementation of your movement and running analysis recommendations, your therapist may recommend 30 or 60 minute sessions.