Jared Lando, our physiotherapist and four-time Ironman finisher, has worked with thousands of runners and triathletes. He now trains solely for marathons and ultra-distance races, while staying up-to-date on current research regarding running treatment and performance.
Jared has a mission to empower endurance athletes to rehabilitate their injuries, and resume training effectively.
The goal of rehab is to meet you, the athlete. We want to be fully educated on your injury and process, and to promote movement as healing. We will strengthen and build resilience in the affected areas, and take a whole body approach that is specific to your sport.
Proper strength training can reduce injury, increase resistance to fatigue, reduce body fat, increase bone density and develop strength and power. Our running performance training is guided by specific principles not met by traditional programs.
  • Begins with an assessment specific to you, including your goals and time demands.
  • The assessment is followed by the development of a unique strength program, to be completed both under watchful supervision as well as on your own time.
Jared’s mission with coaching it to prepare you for a long-term love affair with endurance sports. Whether it’s to set a new personal best, qualify for races, or just consistently train; he wants to help you achieve those big, audacious goals.
  • Defy Run Coaching requires at least a 4-month commitment to the process.
  • Plans will be delivered via Final Surge each week.
  • Strength Training and Drills included for all runners with video links.
  • Defy Gear included for each athlete.
  • Defy: regular stream, including specifics listed above.
  • Defy+: includes specifics listed above, and one training session per month.
Our comprehensive running analysis is your chance to become a more efficient and resilient runner for life. Runners are injured at a high frequency with yearly injury rates as high as 70% in the literature. We are passionate about offering ways to curtail this trend.
The DEFY Video Running Analysis involves taking our athletes through a thorough individualized movement screen and assessment, then analyzing running biomechanics and form on the treadmill using video feedback.
  • Running and activity history including past training, injuries, and goals.
  • Running footwear analysis.
  • Joint-by-joint assessment of active and passive range of motion.
  • Comprehensive movement analysis to screen lower body mobility, strength, and power and trunk stability testing.
  • Real-Time video analysis on our treadmill at various running speeds, inclines, and footwear.
  • Review the analysis of your assessment.
  • Practice and receive one-on-one feedback on all aspects of your individualized program (will be created between the 1st and 2nd session).
  • Real-time video feedback while running on the treadmill to implement changes to your form to improve efficiency and biomechanics.

In order to monitor implementation of your movement and running analysis recommendations, your therapist may recommend 30 or 60 minute sessions.