strength training programs

*All casses will start January 24th pending government restrictions.*

Adult strength & conditioning

Workout classes that target YOUR training or fitness goals; all classes led by our Certified Athletic Therapist Dee Bégin.

Youth strength & conditioning

The focus is on developing technique, body control and awareness, and building foundational strength.

Highschool Strength and Conditioning

Sessions will focus on building proficiency in the foundational movements (squat, hinge, push, pull) and the fundamental principles of strength and conditioning. Our goal is to instill confidence navigating the weight room, and to promote a future of independent, healthy exercise!

Chronic Pain Group Program

Run by our Certified Athletic Therapist Dee Begin – The goal of this unique program is to provide participants who experience chronic pain symptoms with evidence-based tools to navigate exercise and develop a daily routine.

The program meets once a week for a structured exercise group; in addition each participant is given weekly individualized programming for their unique needs, and meets one-on-one with Dee regularly to review progress and make changes. The program will emphasize consistency and developing habits that contribute to positive pain management.

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Team performance training.