strength training programs

Adult strength & conditioning

Workout classes that target YOUR training or fitness goals; all classes led by our Certified Athletic Therapist Dee Bégin.

Fitness Program

This is an individualized workout plan that targets each participants training or fitness goals in a group setting.

Group Rehab

A rehabilitation Program broken down based on participants’ injuries (ie. lower body versus upper body). Participants will work towards rehabilitation goals as outlined in their assessment. A 45-minute Physiotherapy assessment is mandatory pre-requisite to participate in this class.

Strength & Balance for Older Adults

This is a great class for older adults who are new to training, or just getting back into the swing of things. 

Youth strength & conditioning

*Separate classes will be held for those identifying as male or female.

A great program for all levels of youth athletes. Whether they are approaching their off-season or are in-season and looking to increase overall endurance and strength, this program is a great way to meet their unique sport requirements. It is also a great way to promote confidence in navigating the weight room and promote a future of independent and healthy exercise. Details:

ALL Program Details:


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Team performance training.