Our comprehensive running analysis is your chance to become a more efficient and resilient runner for life. Runners are injured at a high frequency with yearly injury rates as high as 70% in the literature. We are passionate about offering ways to curtail this trend.

The DEFY Video Running Analysis involves taking our athletes through a thorough individualized movement screen and assessment, then analyzing running biomechanics and form on the treadmill using video feedback and DorsaVi software.

  • Running and activity history including past training, injuries, and goals.
  • Running footwear analysis.
  • Joint-by-joint assessment of active and passive range of motion.
  • Comprehensive movement analysis to screen lower body mobility, strength, and power and trunk stability testing.
  • Real-Time video analysis on our treadmill at various running speeds, inclines, and footwear.
  • Review the analysis of your assessment.
  • Practice and receive one-on-one feedback on all aspects of your individualized program (will be created between the 1st and 2nd session).
  • Real-time video feedback while running on the treadmill to implement changes to your form to improve efficiency and biomechanics.
  • In order to monitor implementation of your movement and running analysis recommendations, your therapist may recommend 30 or 60 minute sessions.
  • Current running shoes.
  • Shorts or spandex that fall above the knee.
  • Men should be shirtless or in a tight-fitting top that is a different colour than your shorts. Women should be in a sports bra or a tight-fitting top that is a different colour than your shorts. This is preferred to be able to capture body position on camera.
  • Runner is currently not injured or can run at least 10 minutes pain free.

DEFY Your Limitations

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